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snreB nehcoJ | Founder and CEO

Dipl.- Estate Expert and Dipl.-Estate Economist. The exceptional idea to establish an international Concept Coffeehouse with Austrian atmosphere at the times of W. A. Mozart crossed his mind during his stay in New York.

Bernd Siefert | Confectionary | Patisserie | Mozarterie

Bernd Siefert is one of the world's most renowned pâtissiers. World champion of confectioners, several German confectioners and winners of over 30 national and international competitions. The Grand Patissier Bernd Siefert is the contact person for the Original Mozarter Torte, the Mozarter Kugel, the Original Mozarter Taler and the Original Mozarter Fruit spread.

Ulrich Kreutzer | Chief Legal Counsel

Member of the Mozarter team from its start. Having more than 20 years experience in intellectual property, Ulrich is in charge of the international protection of our corporate assets like trademarks and designs, the consistent enforcement of our IP rights and the management of license and franchise agreements.

Christoph Müller-Brandt | Art and Culture

Dipl.-Estate Expert, Networker. He is at home in the cultural world. His field is the connection between the Mozarter Salzburg coffeehouse and the Mozarter Institute for Art and Culture as well as Classical Music.

Peter Schilling | Music & Clips

Musical globalplayer since the 1980's, singer, songwriter of international hits, live-musician, author, owner of his own entertainment company. The musical part is his playground. The video clips will be shooted in Salzburg and Vienna for Mozarter and will be part of our marketing concept.

Keunhae Park | Trainer & Coach

Deep experience in advising global and Asian clients. Combination of Korean 'can-do' spirit with creativity and cross-cultural understanding. The Mozarter link to Asian companies and to South Korea.

Peter Fabri | Merchandising

Producer of leather and other fabrics for clothes for women and men since 1962. Bags, small leather goods, travel utilities and companions, accessories for the advertising and promotions area made out of leather and other materials, which will be characterized by unique selling points and sustainability.

Martin Dettinger | product design | project manager

Design consultant - Design is not just shape and colour. He appeals to all senses. Acoustics, odor and material characterize content such as vitality, confidence and enjoyment. He is self-employed since 1993 and had projects for brands such as Emco, Garpa, ritterwerk, SieMatic. He won the following awards: German Design Award, IF Design Award and Red Dot Award.

relttenhcS kriD | Computer & Security

IT system hardware specialist, IT system electronics engineer, Merchant for information, professional computer scientist, Crypto Analyst, System Analyst, computer and hardware specialist and is familiar with all major system platforms and software applications for many years.

Corporate brand

This is what the gourmet suspects with the brand Mozarter in all countries of the world:

Soon, Mozart and Mozarter
will be mentioned in
the same breath,
worldwide, intuitively, inextricably.

Brand and values

Target group

primary target group

male & female on average
from 20 years
training and education above average
higher disposable income
interested, curious people
modern multi optional people

The audience is interested in everything which is sensual and aesthetically pleasant, tasty, aromatic, of excellent quality, exquisite, first choice, delicious and fine. The target audience will find themselves in an ambience and wants to be addressed attentive, sensitive gallant, educated, polite, cultured and particularly. These characteristics reflect the time again, that Mozart and Mozarter embodies.

Connoisseurs are a very affluent clientele that fit well to Mozarter and its offerings.

There is great potential for further development on issues such as classical music, Austrian and Salzburg art and culture, festivals, concerts, traveling, etc.

Linked deals are the key to attract connoisseurs worldwide even more.


Coffee bars and coffee houses are successful at the market, if you have the right concept, the right location and the necessary know-how.

The product coffee "is not the sole factor for success. An individual, special feeling for the concept has to be conveyed.

The Mozarter fulfills this kind of concept cafe with an extraordinary claim.

The Mozarter is distinguished internationally by Austrian coffee house culture. This Culture becomes alive by the best quality of coffee, chocolate and tea, outstanding cakes, our own creations, baked after our own special creations, such as our Mozarter Cake and our individually handmade Confectionery.

The Original Mozarter Torte, the Mozarter Kugel, the Original Mozarter Taler and the Original Mozarter Fruit spread speak for it. The Original Mozarter Torte is an experience, incomparable and special. The Mozarter Kugel is an extraordinary encounter for every connoisseur. The Original Mozarter Taler and the Original Mozarter Fruit Spread extend the range of Mozarter products. By the way, the Original Mozarter Torte, the Mozarter Kugel, the Original Mozarter Taler and the Original Mozarter Fruit spread are available from Grand Patissier Bernd Siefert.

Our Coffeehouse is showing a baroque ambiance - even with employees in baroque clothes. A white wig, white gloves and classical music achieve a unique atmosphere.

Not only the consumption on-site is a success factor of Mozarter. Another cornerstone is the "take away"-thought, all products can also be purchased for take-away. Moreover, there will be sold merchandise articles which will make a visit to Mozarter unforgettable and will invite you to come back.

For quality assurance, the products and the coffee houses will get inspected and certified.

Variety of products

Special Variations

Extraordinary Combinations


Top locations in a large city or a regional center with appropriate footfall.

In China, the USA, Japan, UAE, South Korea, places where it is unusual to encounter a coffee house with a Baroque ambiance.

Where it is unusual to be touched by Mozart and the Austrian culture.

The non-European countries are crucial, because here the coffeehouse culture has not a presence as it has in Salzburg or Vienna. Especially since the Baroque is a period of European history, because Mozart lived in that time and his music is still admired today worldwide. Because the Americans, Asian or Australian loves Mozart's creation. And because it is unique, to immerse into an old new world.

From the perspective of an American the location of New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco is the right one to enjoy his 'Einspänner' and to become keen to get to know more about the culture of Austria. The Chinese want to discover Mozart and the Baroque whilst sitting in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Wuhan enjoying their "Vienna Melange".

The Mozarter makes most curious all over the world because only here the Baroque authentically comes alive and the delicacies of an Austrian coffee house can be tracked.

Locations | numbers

Locations | sample

Example: USA

In San Francisco for instance you can recognise a good cafe with its own roastery  because of the queue in front of its door. The Americans may have little patience when it comes to tap beer but for a carefully weighed to the gram, freshly brewed filter coffee or a cappuccino with an artfully hood of foamed milk, fans are willing to wait about ten minutes or even longer.

Meanwhile he names of the best roasters are  traded like those of star restaurants. It all began with 'Ritual Roasters' then came 'Bluebottle', which has now grown into a small chain with nationwide ambitions, followed by 'Four Barrel' and 'Sightglass'.

The success can be marvelled at complex designed cafés.  In the background rumbles an imported roasting drum from Europe. In front of it bearded and tattooed baristas pour the drinks. With 15 to 25 $ for an amount of 340 grams of beans (an American pound) the new coffees are quite expensive. However, their providers are swamped with customers. What smells after handmade manufactured is currently selling almost by itself.

The bean boom has now even attracted venture capital. A group of investors, including Google Ventures, invested for example, 20 million dollars in Bluebottle to open branches from New York to Las Vegas. The competition roaster of Sight Glass was founded with money of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

(Steffan Heuer, Menschen & Märkte, Kaffee in Zahlen, Nr. 2, 2013)

Example: China

The Chinese are a nation of tea drinkers, and the only thing close to get the taste of coffee in their culture, is the bitter herbal medicine of traditional pharmacies.

By the end of the year 2012 Starbucks ran about 600 branches in the China, next to a dozen competitors that have established themselves, all with dramatic growth rates and predominantly local clientele. Coffee has become part of Chinese urban culture. Businessmen are holding their meetings in Cafés, young couples arrange to meet their for their Rendezvous.

(Barbara Bierach, Menschen & Märkte, Kaffee in Zahlen, Nr. 2, 2013), (Volkstheater-Rostock)

Marketing Outline (B2C)


Thank you. Any Questions?