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The Name. The Brand. Mozarter.

It is not easy to find a propriate name, which really meets the core and which is popular, known and famous and with witch you can only combine positive interpretations and feelings. A name which embodies what is to be said of: highest standard and quality, art, culture, unique creativity, enjoyment in various forms, pleasure in perfection. A name that captures the time – a name that embodies Vienna, Salzburg and Austria. A name which is famous all over the world and a name which remains forever. 

Operas like 'The Magic Flute', 'The Abduction from the Seraglio', 'The Marriage of Figaro' or 'Don Giovanni' are worldwide the epitome of culture, moral values and highest completion. There is only one person in the world which is able to do that, one unique human being: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 

A company can only meet these ideals if it takes the creative power and the unique and specific skills, characteristics and attributes of Mozart as an example. We do it. 

Mozarter Salzburg.

The Idea of Mozarter

The tradition of the Austrian coffee house culture dates back to the late 17th century and is characterized by a very special atmosphere. Typical for an Austrian Coffeehouse are a sophisticated atmosphere, where the coffee is served, lodges, small tables for newspapers and magazines and details of the interior in the style of Baroque and Rococo. 

The Mozarter Coffeehouse is a place in many different places all over the world, where time and space is consumed, but only the coffee and other delicacies are on the bill. The coffeehouse culture associated with friendliness, charm, high standards, respect with love, feeling, and time is nowhere else at home than in Austria, in Vienna, in Salzburg and in the heart. And this home, this pleasant and cosy atmosphere is not moving fast, it's a feeling. The feeling of having arrived, the feeling of having arrived at his home.

A Coffeehouse with affiliated patisserie and bakery on a franchise basis with global branch offices around the globe with the flair of Austria, Vienna and Salzburg to the turn of the century to the previous century.


Mozarter model

Mozarter Salzburg is a Coffeehouse concept, which is entirely new. The concept is extraordinary and shows uniqueness by the name Mozarter.

The customer is seduced in another time, into another world. Patisserie and confiserie under Austrian and German standards, additionally small and big breakfast with many variations, small snacks, a small lunch, a special afternoon snack, always high end quality, new creations, according to the spirit of the times and much more.

What makes the Mozarter model so unique?

Is it the brand name that feels connected to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his compositions belong to the Viennese Classical period. A coffeehouse concept that turns this time into an experience is unusual. Only a representative of Viennese Classicism, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, can, according to our ideas, reflect a coffee house concept that embodies the time of Viennese Classicism.

The extraordinary products of Mozarter Salzburg are just the beginning. It is the Original Mozarter Torte, the Mozarter Kugel, the Original Mozarter Taler and the Original Mozarter Fruit Spreads. Many Mozarter products will follow that are special, just as special as you are.

The Original Mozarter Torte can be the beginning of a passion. Not to forget, the Original Mozarter Torte, the Mozarter Kugel, the Original Mozarter Taler can only be obtained from Grand Patissier Bernd Siefert.

The Mozarter Kugel is available in different taste experiences. The Mozarter Kugel shows its ability through several variations. The Gand Patissier creates these variations of the Mozarter Kugel for you.

We look forward to much more with you.

Mozarter Salzburg is much more than the guest expects and already more you can guess about the brand by now.

Mozarter concept

Mozarter Salzburg will work together with franchise Partners in the future, for which identity, customer satisfaction, commitment and sustainability represent immovable values and sizes. The Mozarter concept is also complemented by other products in addition to the Coffeehouse what makes Mozarter Salzburg a particular brand.

For franchisees Mozarter really offers the possibility to open their branches at multiple locations worldwide to let the wish become true and to live it. Addressed besides partnerships and institutional partners and individuals.

The profitability of the site and the financial circumstances must be proven by an independent auditor in the country beforehand. Opportunities of development are also shown. The personal qualification is carried out in addition to the plausibility or repeated economic assessment of economic viability of the site and the financial situation in the context of the authorization process of Mozarter Salzburg. The question of location and the further development of the site are the responsibility of the franchisee. Accordingly, the initial development and advancement of the site is financially solely in the hands of the franchisee.

Mozarter values

Each participant on the market is focused at the time these days unfortunately at the expense of credibility, trust and congenial atmosphere in many places. Time is money- every minute counts. Unfortunately, not the person with its own specific skills counts anymore nowadays. The Mozarter will form a standard in which every employee will be part of the family. Regardless in which field the employee operates, it's dignity and recognition as well as trust and care is a cornerstone of the Mozarter system.

The values of Mozarter are also expressed in the establishment of the Mozarter Institute of Art and Culture.

The Mozarter Institute has set itself the task of giving children and teenagers of our staff and children and young people with little financial freedom free music lessons. And to promote gifted children and young people and to open their ways.

Furthermore, the Mozarter Institute will be the contact point for classical music worldwide in the future. Here there will be  bundled contact persons, links, contacts, projects, promotions, concerts, events, awards and much more.