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Mozarter franchise opportunities

Franchising by a franchise partner for a city or for a defined area. The franchise partner opens the Mozarter coffee houses in a town or in several cities, so that one Mozarter cafe refers to at least 50,000 residents. A further development of Mozarter coffeehouses by the Franchisee remains unaffected.

Franchising at regional level and for metropolitan areas. The Franchise Partner is given the opportunity to establish a region or for a city or for a part of the city to establish Mozarter coffee houses. Required is additionally  the demonstration of the economy, a development plan, an investment plan and a timetable.

Master Franchising

The Master Franchise Partner is responsible for a defined area or a country. He takes care of the establishment and implementation of the system, as well as the acquisition and the support of franchisees.

Entrepreneurial risk

Mozarter Salzburg - Suitable for any?

The "best" for one person may be the "worst" for the others. The person with its inclinations, abilities, desires and motivation structure are columns almost of each concept, also from Mozarter Salzburg.

The Mozarter Coffeehouse Franchise System is unique in its implementation and performance. The house Mozarter is from the very beginning a traditional coffee house due to the historical and creative background. Mozarter achieves worldwide recognition and prestige through the well-known name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And by the franchisee, who takes the creativity and the special characteristics of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a role model.

=a success
=a success
=double success

Unique characteristic

„Ground plan" of Mozarter Salzburg with the three pillars: the Brand Mozarter, the Mozarter Coffeehouse and the Mozarter Institute of Art and Culture


The Mozarter franchise partner must be able to live the values of the house Mozarter Salzburg. He should support the strengths and skills of the employees and give them a special work related to each one's skills. The guest can feel whether a coffeehouse is well runned. The guest can feel whether the coffee is authentic. The guest can feel whether the coffehouse is his coffeehouse.

Assumed is entrepreneurship, business skills, business fundamentals, commitment and initiative through its own cafe addition, knowledge of human nature, personnel management and teamwork, fairness, consistency and willingness to invest. In addition, knowledge and ambition of classical music, for the life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and for the cities Salzburg and Vienna is mandatory.